"This vendor has earned and completely filled a drawer in my permanent wax collection."
- Wax Addict Reviews

"She has so many scent blends to choose from that you're pretty much guaranteed to find a few things you'll enjoy."
- Waxing Poetic

"Kirby is doing it right. Everything is pristine, well presented, well branded."
- It's Always Something

"Vintage Chic Scents is one of those vendors that I went ham and picked up everything I could get my grubby little hands on."
- Furianne

"A true buttery bakery note started to shine from the decadent cannoli and crispy waffle cone that weren’t present before while blended sweetly with the creamy lemon custard and gooey marshmallow. The waffle cone really added something special to this blend and gives it that extra spunk or magic I should say. Just wow. I really enjoyed this scent."
- The Meltdown Blog