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Julia Roberts Jumbo Heart Quartet Julia Roberts Jumbo Heart Quartet

Approximately 12.8 to 14.4 oz. total weight.

  • Pretty Woman: Acai Berries and Satin (Herbal Essences type)

  • NEW! My Best Friend’s Wedding: This blend of Berry Creme Brulee Cupcakes is irritatingly sweet and will make you realize you’re never gonna be Jello!

  • NEW! Notting Hill: Orange Juice and Champagne

  • NEW! Runaway Bride: Strawberry Merlot

Our Price: $17.80
Meg Ryan Jumbo Heart Quartet Meg Ryan Jumbo Heart Quartet

Approximately 12.8 to 14.4 oz. total weight.

  • NEW! French Kiss: Chocolate Amber

  • NEW! Addicted to Love: This blend surely isn’t rotten- but better make sure you aren’t allergic to this lovely blend of black currants, fresh strawberries, and vanilla bean!

  • NEW! Sleepless in Seattle: This blend of Coconut Cream Latte and Gooey Marshmallows is M.F.E.O.

  • You’ve Got Mail: Sugar Cookie Vanilla Latte

Our Price: $17.80
Saturday Night Live  Small Rose Sampler Saturday Night Live Small Rose Sampler

Approximately 19 oz. total weight.

  • Stefon’s Tips: Strawberry Guava Cotton Candy

  • Mom Jeans: Mango Cupcakes

  • Blue Brothers: Blueberry Lemon Donut

  • King Tut: Egyptian Musk

  • Chippendales Audition: Cool Water (type)

  • Wayne’s World: Blackberry Strawberry Super Rope Taffy

  • Roseanne Rosannadanna: Strawberry Musk

  • The Barry Gibb Talk Show: Refreshing Coconut Rum, Lime, and Orange Nectar Cocktail

  • More Cowbell! Bourbon Chai Toddy

  • I’m on a Boat!: Fruity Limoncello, Pineapple, Sugared Mint, Tropical Flowers, Jasmine, Coral, and Volcanic Rock

  • Boom! Dynamite!: Coffee and Chocolate, Spicy and Sweet!

  • Bring It On Down: Jelly Roll Donuts, Honey Buns, and Twinkies

  • A Van Down by the River: Fresh, Crisp Morning Air

  • David S. Pumpkins: Enjoy this blend of Caramelized Pralines, Cupcakes at Tiffany’s, and Creamy Pumpkin on the haunted elevator...any questions?

  • Debbie Downer: Iced Lemon Biscotti and Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies

  • The Maharelle Sisters: Pink Sugared Violets and Honey

  • Buckwheat...Otay!: Buckwheat Zucchini Pancakes with Maple Walnut Syrup and Praline Pound Cake

  • Weekend Update: Cafe Mocha swirled with Funfetti Creamer

  • Celebrity Jeopardy: Fizzy Pop swirled with Black Currant Puree and topped with Cotton Candy

List Price: $26.95
Our Price: $26.95
Sale Price: $24.95
Savings: $2.00