How To Use Scented Wax Melts & Tarts | Vintage Chic Scents

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I melt the scented wax melts in?

Vintage Chic Scents preforms best in a hot plate warmer which is sold in store. One model can also be found at Michael's Craft Stores. However, VCS was tested in lightbulb warmers as well if that's what you currently own. Once flapper girls use hot plates, they don't go back! The scent throw is worth the initial investment.

What does "scent throw" mean?

"Scent throw" simply means how well and how long the scent fills up the room you are melting it in. Scent throw is stronger/more intense with hot plate warmers, and lighter but longer lasting in lightbulb warmers.

When can I melt the tarts?
Once four weeks pass from the pour date, feel free to melt. However, freshly poured wax gets stronger the longer it sits. Most wax you buy in other stores has been sitting for a couple months before you buy it. It's like wine, it gets better with age!

What's the shelf life of the wax?
As long as it's stored in a cool, dark place, VCS should be good for 18-24 months before it starts to lose its scent.

How much wax should I melt at a time?
Usually 1 ounce is a good amount in a warmer to scent a medium sized room. This would be two cubes of a clamshell or about the size of a silver dollar. You can always add more as desired.

How long does the wax last scent wise?
This really depends on your home and your nose. Some scents last longer than others and some locations in your house are better suited for warmers than others. Test out a few locations in your desired room to figure out the best way to enjoy your Vintage Chic Scents. I also like to put two warmers of opposite sides of large areas to help the scent spread out.

What do I do once I can't smell the scent anymore?
You have a few options. You can pour out the hot wax into the trash and wipe out the warmer dish with a paper towel. Another method is putting your warmer dish into the freezer for about 15 minutes (if your wax is already hard) and then the wax will just pop out. You can also just use a few cotton balls and let them soak up the wax. My favorite method is letting a few ice cubes sit on top of the cooled wax for about 10 minutes. Then the wax pops out and you are ready for your next VCS melt!

This piece of wax is really big! How do I cut it?
Simply use the edge of a butter knife and stick it in the center of the piece of wax. It should break into a few pieces that are easy to melt. Other people like putting the wax into the microwave for a few seconds and then cutting it with a soap or cheese cutter (Please experiment with how long to put in the microwave since no two are alike).